Vodka Mariette is a premium French vodka formulated and designed specifically for the Millennial Woman.

It is 5x distilled from GMO-free French whole wheat and Ambes spring water de-ionized by Eocene Era rock in Bordeaux. Made with natural ingredients, there are also three flavors: Raspberry & Pomgranate, Orange & Pineapple and Vanilla & Coconut. All iterations are very smooth and absolutely delicious.

Mariette is a French girls’ name, it means ‘little rebel’; our brand and our drinkers are independent, creative and stylish free spirits.

To reflect this, we handcrafted a beautiful, neckless bottle that provokes touch. And around the product, we are creating a world of romance with an engaging market strategy complemented by a supportive sales program for distributors and retailers.

Creating Vodka Mariette took several years of R&D guided by beverage and design specialists. It is a perfect center for an artistic marketing & sales program we plan to execute as a liquor purveyor. We cannot wait to launch it into the world mid-late 2013, retailing for $29.99/750ml.

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